Argentine Sessions: Maria Becerra

In Argentina there is an ongoing revolution and it has a color: green.

Green is the color of hope, as it has always been said.

The revolution that has its epicenter in Argentina is called Marea verde (Green Tide) and is carried out by girls who carried out demonstrations in Congress to demand the legalization of abortion and safe access to medical services for the termination of pregnancy.

As a result, green is the color of feminism.





María Becerra filtró una foto íntima con su novio en ...


Also green is the color of the struggle of women to secure female presence at major music festivals.

And Maria Becerra is part of this green revolution.

María is 23 years old. She is from Quilmes, a working-class neighborhood in the southern part of Greater Buenos Aires.

She started as a youtuber, when she went to an industrial high school, where she wanted to learn carpentry, but she suffered physical violence, sexual harassment and discrimination from her male classmates and finally dedicated herself to music.

In that role, she is a winner: she has released two albums, "Animal" in 2021 and "La nena de Argentina" in 2022. She fills stadiums, has been featured on various works by internationally-acclaimed colleagues and her songs have millions of plays on streaming platforms. In addition, she has been highlighted as an outstanding personality in the world of music. She shares this distinction with two of her fellow Argentines, Bizarrap and Tini Stoessel.


María Becerra: "No soy sólo una cara linda, soy la verdadera ...


María Becerra is, today, a symbol of Argentina, like Lionel Messi, Pope Francis and coach Lionel Scaloni. By the way, she's a good football player: as a child, she used to play soccer in the paddocks of the southern suburbs.

Today she identifies as bisexual.

In the next Latin Grammy, she has five nominations, just one step behind Bizarrap, which has six.

Script: Víctor Pintos

Production: Adrián Korol, RAE director.

Based on an idea by Alejandro Pont Lezica